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BarrelQ Corten

The BarrelQ Big is our Big Bang. The Original. The first BarrelQ ever. An oil barrel converted into a BBQ. Besides a tough looking barbecue, it is also a fire pit, design piece, outdoor kitchen and side table. And it is very convenient in its use. (read: totally idiotproof).


The BarrelQ is also ready to go. You can start right away. No complications with screws, nuts and bolts. Light it on fire directly! Instant Grilling and Chilling.


The BarrelQ Corten® is made of special steel containing copper and is intended to rust. After having been left outside for a few weeks, your BarrelQ obtains a super nice brown-orange, rusty colour. You don't need a cover with this version, which makes life even easier.  In addition, the lifespan of BarrelQ Corten steel is extra long because the first layer of corrosion prevents further corrosive attacks. And the more you abuse it, the prettier it becomes.


Grilling at waist level! You do not have to bend far to reach your meat. That saves you from a hernia. Compliments from the Health and Safety Department.


Fire pit

The BarrelQ is not only for barbecuing. You can also use it as a fire pit. Throw some wood in the basket and put it on fire. Great atmosphere and warm of course. Nice and warm, and its colour keeps changing thanks to the special steel.


Side table

The BarrelQ is a cool wannahave and it is multifunctional. It is not only a BBQ and fire pit but also a side table. Put the lid on and you have a great table. How many beer bottles would fit on it?


Extra specs and fun facts

- Size does matter. Height: 87 cm, diameter: 57 cm, diameter grill: 47 cm. Big enough grilling surface for your friends, so don’t be shy and invite them over.
- Did you know that you can easily fit 30 beer bottles and two bottles of wine on the BarrelQ as side table? Cheers!


The BarrelQ Big set consists out of:

- BarrelQ Big (the barrel)
- Galvanised basket: The basket of the BarrelQ is made of perforated sheet steel. Solid as a rock!
- Stainless steel grill plate: The grill plate features two positions and is made of stainless steel – better than the cheap chrome used in other BBQs.
- Lid with clamp: Every BarrelQ has a perfectly fitting lid with clamp.

Article number:183-235.100
Delivery time:2 weeks. Free delivery!
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