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De BarrelQ

The BarrelQ is an oil barrel converted into a barbecue. Besides a tough BBQ it serves also as a fire pit, designer furniture, outdoor kitchen and as a side table. It is particularly convenient to use. In short: the BarrelQ is a griller and a chiller...

Grilling at waist level.
A campfire before or after grilling: you make the rules.
The grill has two positions.
The fire basket, made of perforated steel. Solid as a rock.
Also the BarrelQ has a matching lid.
With the matching lid, the BarrelQ becomes the perfect side tabel. It can easily hold at least 24 bottles of beer and maybe even some dry white wine for the ladies.
Cover. To serve and protect your BarrelQ. But let´s be honest here: the BarrelQ can be outside throughout the whole year, with or without a cover. He´s a champ.
Size does matter. Overall barrelq dimensions: 87 cm heigth, 57 cm radius and 47 cm grid. So go ahead and invite all your friends.
Make your own customized BarrelQ. Just contact us and explore your possibilities. It is possible to order a customized barrelq grill. Ideal for a marketing promotion, giveaway or personalized for your business or event. Everything goes. So don´t hesitate and get in contact with us! Send an e-mail to [email protected] or give us a call 0031-10-7989599